Features of the catering service “Room service” in hotels

Catering services in the hotel – mandatory services that the hotel or hotel should provide guests staying in them.

In hotels of high category, that is four or five-star, provides the availability of “Room service”. In translation from English, this is room service. The special service “Room service” solves questions about serving breakfast and other dishes and drinks in the rooms all day long.

питание в номерах гостиницы, услуги питания в гостинице

In the morning, when guests still want to luxuriate under the blanket, food in the hotel rooms is especially popular. It is carried out in different ways: by means of a special card for breakfast orders, by phone, by pressing the service call by the button installed in the room, and others.

The employee of the “Room service” upon receipt of the order writes down the desired products, dishes, room number, number of breakfasts, time of submission and receipt of the order. Usually, in good hotels, think over up to eight options for breakfast and are interested in breakfast in advance, making a reservation, when ordering a room for special persons.

However, breakfast refers not only to meals in the hotel rooms. Also all types of breakfast (continental, American, English and others) are served in the hotel restaurant.

When servicing guests, the following catering services are offered in hotels:

  • full board, that is three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner);
  • half board, that is, two meals a day (breakfast, lunch or dinner);
  • one-time meals (breakfast only).

The catering services in the hotel should be such that the menu takes into account the national traditions and eating habits of foreign guests.

If a group of tourists enter the hotel complex, water (fruit, mineral or ice water), bread (or buns), cold snacks, sweet dishes, and sour-milk products are put on the tables for fast and prompt service 15 minutes before the arrival of the group. The first dishes are served in tureens, which are put on tables, and the tourists themselves are already pouring the dish into plates; the second dishes are already portioned bring to the hall in plates.

The restaurant must first examine the food features of this group, which depend on the geographical location of the country, its historical and economic development of the people, religion and national customs.